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ThePEG  2.1.5
Interfaces defined for the ThePEG::DecayHandler class.
Brief class description:
This is the main class handling the decay of unstable particles. Note that the actual decays will be performed by objects of the ThePEG::Decayer class.
See also ThePEG::DecayHandler

Name: LifeTimeOption
Type: Switch

Option for how the maximum life time is interpreted
Registered options:
Cut on the average lifetime of the particle type
Cut on the lifetime generated for the given instance
Default value: 0

Name: MaxLifeTime
Type: Parameter

The maximum lifetime (c*tau) in units of mm. Particles with longer lifetimes than this will not be decayed.
Default value: -1
Minimum value: -1

Name: MaxLoop
Type: Integer parameter

The maximum number of attempts per event when selecting a decay channel.
Default value: 100000
Minimum value: 100
Maximum value: 100000000

There may be interfaces inherited from the ThePEG::StepHandler class.