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ThePEG  2.1.0
Namespace List
Here is a list of all documented namespaces with brief descriptions:
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 NACDCGeneratorThe namespace in which all ACDCGen classes are defined
 NLWHThe LWH namespace contains a Light-Weight Histogram package which implements the most rudimentary histogramming facilities according to the AIDA interface specifications
 NThePEGThis is the main namespace within which all identifiers in ThePEG are declared
 NConstantsThe Constants namespace containing some useful physical constants with suitable units
 NGroupNamespace to encapsulate enums related to HandlerGroups
 NHelicityThe Helicity namespace contains classes for spin representation classes in ThePEG
 NVertexTypeNamespace for naming of vertices
 NInterfaceThe Interface namespace declares a number of enums to set options for subclasses of InteracedBase
 NMathThe Math namespace includes the declaration of some useful mathematical functions
 NFunctionsThis namespace introduces some useful function classes with known primitive and inverse primitive functions
 NParticleIDThe ParticleID namespace defines the ParticleCodes enumeration
 NPointerThe namespace for the reference counted pointer classes
 NUnitRemovalUse symbols from this namespace to make forced breaks of unit consistency explicit
 NUnitsThe Units namespace contains the declaration of a number of classes for variables with dimension