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ThePEG  2.1.5
Interfaces defined for the ThePEG::RemnantDecayer class.
Brief class description:
The RemnantDecayer class is the base class to be used for all decayers capable of decaying a RemnantParticle object produced by a SoftRemnantHandler object.
See also ThePEG::RemnantDecayer

Name: PTGenerator
Type: Reference to objects of class ThePEG::PtGenerator

An object capable of generating an intrinsic transverse momentum of the created remnants. If not set and the controlling EventGenerator has a default PtGenerator object, this will be used. Otherwise a GaussianPtGenerator object created with default settings in the initialization will be used instead.

Name: RespectDISKinematics
Type: Switch

If true, do not boost a scattered lepton (and possible radiated photons) in a DIS event, to ensure that $x $ and $Q^2 $ is unmodified.
Registered options:
Boost scattered lepton together with the rest of the hard subsystem.
Do not boost scattered lepton. If that doesn't work, include the scattered lepton and emit a warning message.
Do not boost scattered lepton. If that doesn't work, silently include the scattered lepton.
Default value: 2

Name: RecoilOption
Type: Switch

Different options for how to distribute recoils in the hard subsystem when taking energy to produce remnants.
Registered options:
Boost all particles in the hard subsystem.
Boost only final state particles in hard subsystem.
Boost copies of final state particles in hard subsystem.
Default value: 2

There may be interfaces inherited from the ThePEG::Decayer class.