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ThePEG  2.1.5
Deprecated List
Member ThePEG::AnalysisHandler::analyze (const tPVector &particles)
Use analyze(const tPVector &, double) instead.
Member ThePEG::AnalysisHandler::analyze (tPPtr particle)
us analyze(tPPtr, double) instead.
Member ThePEG::AnalysisHandler::transform (tEventPtr event) const
Use transform(tcEventPtr) instead. This method is no longer used automatically.
Class ThePEG::FixedCMSLuminosity
As the LuminosityFunction base class has increased functionality (exceeding the functionality of this class) the use of FixedCMSLuminosity is deprecated, and the class will be removed in a future release. Note also that by setting the individual beam energies in the base class, the behavior of this object may be inconsistent, in that the collision will not, as specified, be in the center-of-mass system.
Member ThePEG::Step::addDecayNoCheck (tPPtr parent, tPPtr child)
Use addDecayProduct(tPPtr child) instead.
Member ThePEG::Step::fixColourFlow ()
This method should not be needed with the current ColourLine representation of colour.
Member ThePEG::Step::getSinglets (tParticleSet &)
Use the corresponding functions in ColourLine instead.
Member ThePEG::Step::getSinglets (PIterator first, PIterator last)
Use the corresponding functions in ColourLine instead.
Member ThePEG::Step::incoming () const
Maybe this method is not needed at all.)
Member ThePEG::UtilityBase::transformToMomentum (const PType &p, const LorentzMomentum &q)
{Use getTransformToMomentum() instead.}
Member ThePEG::UtilityBase::transformToMomentum (const PType &p, const Momentum3 &q)
{Use getTransformToMomentum() instead.}