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ThePEG  2.1.5
1 // -*- C++ -*-
2 //
3 // NoPDF.h is a part of ThePEG - Toolkit for HEP Event Generation
4 // Copyright (C) 1999-2017 Leif Lonnblad
5 //
6 // ThePEG is licenced under version 3 of the GPL, see COPYING for details.
7 // Please respect the MCnet academic guidelines, see GUIDELINES for details.
8 //
9 #ifndef ThePEG_NoPDF_H
10 #define ThePEG_NoPDF_H
11 // This is the declaration of the NoPDF class.
13 #include "ThePEG/PDF/PDFBase.h"
14 // #include "NoPDF.fh"
15 // #include "NoPDF.xh"
17 namespace ThePEG {
29 class NoPDF: public PDFBase {
31 public:
38  virtual bool canHandleParticle(tcPDPtr particle) const;
44  virtual bool canHandle(tcPDPtr particle) const;
51  virtual bool hasPoleIn1(tcPDPtr particle, tcPDPtr parton) const;
56  virtual cPDVector partons(tcPDPtr p) const;
61  virtual double xfl(tcPDPtr particle, tcPDPtr parton, Energy2 partonScale,
62  double l, Energy2 particleScale = ZERO) const;
65 public:
70  static void Init();
72 protected:
80  virtual IBPtr clone() const;
86  virtual IBPtr fullclone() const;
89 private:
99  NoPDF & operator=(const NoPDF &) = delete;
101 };
107 template <>
108 struct BaseClassTrait<NoPDF,1>: public ClassTraitsType {
110  typedef PDFBase NthBase;
111 };
115 template <>
116 struct ClassTraits<NoPDF>: public ClassTraitsBase<NoPDF> {
118  static string className() { return "ThePEG::NoPDF"; }
119 };
123 }
125 #endif /* ThePEG_NoPDF_H */
NoPDF inherits from PDFBase and represents particles without sub-structure.
Definition: NoPDF.h:29
static void Init()
Standard Init function used to initialize the interface.
virtual bool hasPoleIn1(tcPDPtr particle, tcPDPtr parton) const
Return true if this PDF has a pole at $x=1$ for the given particle and parton.
ClassTraitsType is an empty, non-polymorphic, base class.
Definition: ClassTraits.h:30
virtual cPDVector partons(tcPDPtr p) const
Simply return the particle.
TransientConstRCPtr is a simple wrapper around a bare const pointer which can be assigned to and from...
Definition: RCPtr.h:696
This is the main namespace within which all identifiers in ThePEG are declared.
Definition: FactoryBase.h:28
A concreate implementation of ClassDescriptionBase describing a concrete class without persistent dat...
virtual IBPtr fullclone() const
Make a clone of this object, possibly modifying the cloned object to make it sane.
static NoPIOClassDescription< NoPDF > initNoPDF
Describe a concrete class without persistent data.
Definition: NoPDF.h:94
virtual double xfl(tcPDPtr particle, tcPDPtr parton, Energy2 partonScale, double l, Energy2 particleScale=ZERO) const
The delta function.
PDFBase is the base class for implementing parton density functions for particles with sub-structure...
Definition: PDFBase.h:40
virtual bool canHandleParticle(tcPDPtr particle) const
Return true because we can handle any particle.
RCPtr is a reference counted (smart) pointer.
Definition: RCPtr.h:60
vector< cPDPtr > cPDVector
A vector of pointers to const ParticleData objects.
Definition: Containers.h:36
virtual bool canHandle(tcPDPtr particle) const
Return true if canHandleParticle() and if the corresponding method for remnantHandler() returns true...
NoPDF & operator=(const NoPDF &)=delete
Private and non-existent assignment operator.
The default concrete implementation of ClassTraitsBase.
Definition: ClassTraits.h:134
virtual IBPtr clone() const
Make a simple clone of this object.
BaseClassTraits describes the base classes of the templated class.
Definition: ClassTraits.h:156
constexpr ZeroUnit ZERO
ZERO can be used as zero for any unitful quantity.
Definition: PhysicalQty.h:33
The templated ClassTraitsBase class defines a set of default information about classes used by ThePEG...
Definition: ClassTraits.h:52