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ThePEG  2.2.1
ThePEG::CFile Class Reference

Here is the documentation of the CFile class. More...

#include <CFile.h>

Public Types

enum  FileType {
  undefined, plain, pipe, gzip,
 Type of the file.

Public Member Functions

void open (string filename, string mode)
 Open the file.
void close ()
 Close the file.
 operator void * () const
 Pointer to the file.
bool operator! () const
 Exist for file existance.
char * gets (char *s, int size)
 Get characters.
int puts (const char *s)
 Set characters.
int getc ()
 Get the current character.
int putc (int c)
 Set the current character.
int ungetc (int c)
 Pushes the byte specified by c (converted to an unsigned char) back onto the stream.
size_t read (void *ptr, size_t size, size_t nmemb=1)
size_t write (const void *ptr, size_t size, size_t nmemb=1)
Standard constructors and destructors.
 CFile ()
 The default constructor.
 CFile (string filename, string mode)
 Create a CFile given a file name and a mode.
 ~CFile ()
 The destructor.

Private Attributes

void * file
 Pointer to the file.
FileType fileType
 Type of the file.

Detailed Description

Here is the documentation of the CFile class.

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